Membership in the AABIP is open to physicians and non-physicians interested in the science, techniques, and clinical applications of pulmonary and pleural procedures. AABIP provides numerous opportunities to learn, teach and help develop a vast number of procedural techniques in order to determine their appropriate applications in chest medicine. These include, but are not limited to bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic laser therapy, stent insertion, cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, brachytherapy, angioscopy, tracheostomy, transtracheal oxygen, and endoscopic ultrasonography. AABIP members also have the opportunity to interact with a national and international network of peers with whom they can exchange ideas, as well as share specific issues and problems in a collaborative relationship that will benefit patients with lung cancer, tracheobronchial disease, and pleural processes.




Bronchoscopy and Operating Room Policies and Procedures

Diagnostic and therapeutic pulmonary techniques

Patient Education

Equipment and Technology issues


Team building for successful patient outcomes

International developments

Medical ethics



Participation in the American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology Annual Meeting.

Online subscription to the Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (JOBIP), quarterly medical journal and official publication of the AABIP.  Available to Physicians, Clinical Trainees, Clinical Affiliates, and Corporate members. 

An invitation to submit abstracts, original research and other articles for consideration for publication in a peer-reviewed journal and for presentation at national and international meetings.

Access to the member’s area on the AABIP website.

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US or Canadian Physician
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$250 per year

US or Canadian Physician Membership

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International non Americas:
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International Americas Memberships  (Membresías de América Internacional)

Clinical Trainee
(Resident or Fellow) *This membership may require a letter of verification from your program director. 
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$115 per year

Clinical Trainee Membership

*This membership may require a letter of verification from your program director. 
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$115 per year

Student Membership

Advanced Practice Providers (NP or PA)
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Advanced Practice Providers Membership

Clinical Affiliate
(Respiratory Therapist, Bronchoscopy Nurse, Bronchoscopy Tech, Etc.)
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$75 per year

Clinical Affiliate Membership

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$500 per year

Corporate Membership 

Non-Clinical Affiliate
(General Public)
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