Welcome to the AABIP Latin America Membership!

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the vibrant community of bronchology and interventional pulmonology physicians and clinical professionals. At the American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP), we believe in fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and advancing our collective expertise in the field. Joining the AABIP holds significant advantages for Latin American physicians, particularly pulmonologists, bronchoscopists, and interventional pulmonologists. We are thrilled to extend a special welcome to you as a member of our Latin America community.

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How to Join:

As a member, you join a community that transcends borders, linking passionate professionals across Latin America with a shared commitment to excellence in bronchology and interventional pulmonology. Here, you will find a supportive network, exclusive resources, and opportunities for continuous learning and growth.

Joining is a simple process — below, click join now to fill out our online registration form, choose your payment method, and submit your application. Applications will be reviewed to verify your country of residency and activated by AABIP Membership Committee. We can't wait to welcome you officially into our community!

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International Americas Membership Rates (more information):
  • $75     Physician
  • $40     Trainee
  • $40     Clinical Affiliate (APP, NP, RN, etc.) 
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Your AABIP Membership Benefits:

Joining AABIP is an investment in professional development and an opportunity for Latin American doctors to contribute actively to the global advancement of interventional pulmonary medicine. The association's commitment to inclusivity, educational initiatives, and networking opportunities makes AABIP a valuable platform for Latin American physicians looking to thrive in their specialties internationally.

  1. JOBIP Online Subscription
  2. Discounted membership rate and discounts to the AABIP Annual Conference and Courses
  3. Access to webinar library and other educational resources
  4. AABIP Podcast
  5. AABIP Journal Club
  6. AABIP Research Studios
  7. Biostatistics Course
  8. IP Fellows Reading List
  9. IP Fellows Mentorship Program
  10. IP Fellows Tool Kit
  11. Patient Educational Video Series
  12. Procedure Video Educational Series
  13. Global Collaboration and Networking:
    • AABIP serves as a global hub for professionals in Interventional Pulmonology.
    • By joining, Latin American doctors gain access to a diverse network of experts, fostering international collaborations and knowledge exchange.
  14. Tailored Communication and Accessibility:
    • AABIP recognizes the importance of inclusivity and will offer materials in Spanish and Portuguese, ensuring accessibility for Latin American members.
    • Information in native languages facilitates better understanding and engagement with the association's resources.
  15. Educational Opportunities for Skill Enhancement:
    • AABIP is dedicated to advancing the fields of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology.
    • Membership provides Latin American doctors exclusive access to educational initiatives and workshops, contributing to continuous skill development.
  16. Professional Growth and Recognition:
    • Being part of AABIP can enhance the professional development of Latin American physicians.
    • The association's focus on advancing the field may elevate the status of its members, contributing to international recognition and career growth.
  17. Contribution to Global Knowledge Exchange:
    • The Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology, published by AABIP, offers a platform for Latin American doctors to share their research, case studies, and clinical experiences.
    • Members can participate in the international knowledge exchange by contributing to the journal, showcasing the region's expertise and experience.
  18. Networking Opportunities Worldwide:
    • AABIP provides Latin American doctors with opportunities to connect with professionals worldwide.
    • Participation in events, conferences, and webinars facilitates networking, allowing members to engage with global leaders in their field.
  19. Advocacy Initiatives and Collective Voice:
    • AABIP can engage in advocacy efforts, addressing Interventional Pulmonology professionals' shared interests and concerns.
    • Membership empowers Latin American doctors to contribute to these initiatives, ensuring their collective voice is heard in shaping the future of the medical specialties in LATAM.
  20. Special Discount for LATAM Members:
    • AABIP acknowledges the importance of inclusivity and has introduced a special discount for Latin American members.
    • This reduced membership fee ensures that the benefits of AABIP membership are accessible to a broader audience in the Latin American medical community.
  21. Partnerships with Local Associations and Institutions:
    • AABIP actively collaborates with local pulmonary associations and institutions in Latin America, such as pulmonary societies or ALAT.
    • Such partnerships facilitate the exchange of information, increasing awareness about AABIP and its benefits among Latin American doctors.
  22. Commitment to Inclusivity and Diversity:
    • AABIP is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse community.
    • Latin American doctors joining AABIP contribute to the association's global perspective and enrich the diversity of experiences and perspectives within the organization.