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Deadline to apply: Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Activity: AABIP Education Committee – co-Chair Incoming IP Fellows Bootcamp

The American Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology is seeking proposals for a co-chair to assist in organizing and hosting the annual AABIP Incoming IP Fellows Bootcamp and the Mid-Year Advanced Therapeutic Bronchoscopy and Thoracoscopy Course for IP Fellows.  This is a 4-year commitment that includes serving as the Co-Chair for 2 years and serving as the course Chair for 2 years. The goals of the IP Bootcamp event is to introduce procedures commonly performed in the course of an IP fellowship as well as to provide a forum for education, research collaboration, professional networking and increased fellow interaction. Details of the event format and required services are outlined below. The Mid-Year program is focused on advanced rigid bronchoscopy (complex stenting, ablation- assisted rigid debulking) and thoracoscopy in cadaveric models with the main purpose being to coach fellows on techniques/tools that might not be available in their training institutions and expose them to different styles of performing these procedures from a diverse faculty.

Format for both IP Bootcamp and Mid-Year programs: 
  • Online standardized educational content completed prior to the live event
  • Two day event of hands-on sessions
  • Reception
  • Pre and post hands-on testing for rigid bronchoscopy and pleuroscopy

Course Location: University of Maryland

Upcoming expected co-chair dates:
  • July 19-20, 2024 co-chair IP Bootcamp
  • February 2025 co-chair Mid-Year Advanced course
  • July 2025 co-chair IP Bootcamp
  • Feb 2026 co-chair Mid-Year Advanced course

This is a 4-year commitment that includes serving as the Co-Chair for 2 years (beginning July 2024) and serving as the course Chair for 2 years.

Expected Attendance: 50 IP fellows

Time Commitment: Approximately 1-2 hours per week, 80-100 hours/year

Services provided by Host Site: Along with the Chair, the Co-Chair will be responsible for communicating with the AABIP Education Committee chairs, AABIP staff liaison and taking overall responsibility for the event and selecting appropriate faculty instructors for the live hands-on sessions, in consultation with and approval of the AABIP Education Committee.

1. Financial & accounting:
  • Prepare draft meeting budgets for the AABIP BOD
  • Provide periodic reports, actual vs. budget, to the AABIP BOD and receive approval before implementing any unforeseen increases in budget allocation
  • Prepare and distribute a post-meeting financial report to the AABIP BOD within 60 days of the event
2. Organization:
  • Select and coordinate with various subcontractors required, e.g., audio-visual, cadaver lab, security, etc.
  • Develop a detailed agenda and arrival directions for all participants including all meeting details, functions schedules, room set-ups, etc.
  • Assure signed agreements in a timely fashion (considering industry ‘s budget cycle and timelines for grant requests) with all vendors in regard to providing the necessary equipment
  • Work with the core faculty to assure a complete list of equipment and accessories for all stations prior to making requests from the vendors
3. Pre-conference registration:
  • Receive pre-conference registrations from AABIP staff
  • Acknowledge receipt of registrations
  • Generate registration packets (including any required badges, agenda, itinerary and directions etc.) for attendees to pick up on-site or receive via email
4. Onsite Management:
  • Manage the registration desk on-site and conduct on site registrations as needed
  • Manage conference logistics and liaise with all subcontracting personnel on-site
  • Supervise room set-ups, food functions, hospitality amenities, and audio visual equipment
  • Interact with subcontracting personnel to assure smooth service
  • Obtain event signage as needed
  • Function as overall on-site event coordinator
  • Function as a moderator for the faculty orientation done the evening before the event
5. Social events:
  • Collaborate with Education Committee as needed and execute the welcome reception
  • Communicate with external vendors as needed
  • Coordinate on-site with external vendors as needed
6. Post-meeting & general activities:
  • Handle post-meeting follow-up; Provide AABIP with final registration list participants
  • Provide financial and attendance reports within two months of meeting
  • Provide summary report on attendee satisfaction and recommendations for future meetings within two months of meeting
  • Make recommendations for improvement, including researching and recommending new curriculum, format or program concepts in response to lessons learned during the event

Services provided by AABIP: 

The AABIP will act as the sponsoring organization and will communicate with the Chair and Co-Chair of the Bootcamp through the Chair of the AABIP Education Committee.

1. Participant recruitment and communication: 
  • AABIP will communicate with the publicly listed IP Fellowship Program Directors and notify them of the availability, date, and location of the event
  • AABIP staff will communicate with the identified incoming IP Fellows using contact information obtained from the respective IP Fellowship Programs and notify them of the availability, date, and location of the event
  • Pre-register all eligible incoming IP Fellows and provide the list of pre-registered fellows to the Chair
2. Program support: 
  • Provide standardized online curriculum for the incoming IP Fellows prior to the live event
  • Develop procedures/policies to guide the Chair, staff, invited speakers, etc.
  • Obtain education grants and corporate sponsorships
  • Reimburse for faculty instructor travel and hotel accommodations in compliance with standard AABIP travel policy. Faculty instructors are expected to make their own travel reservations and submit receipts to the AABIP for reimbursement

How to Apply:

Click the button below to submit application.

Required Documents:

  1. Acknowledgement and affirmation of the scope of services outlined above
  2. Statement of interest (with a pledge that time commitment to these projects is acknowledged and that if the position is granted, the co-chair will be available 1-2 hrs/week for work on these programs)
  3. CV

Deadline to apply: September 27, 2023

We look forward to your responses. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Colleen Channick at [email protected].

Application Portal Closed

Very Respectfully,

Van Holden, MD, 2024 Chair, AABIP Incoming IP Fellows Bootcamp
Ash Sachdeva, MD, 2023 Chair, AABIP Incoming IP Fellows Bootcamp
Colleen Channick, MD, Chair, AABIP Education Committee
Ara Chrissian, MD, Co-Chair, AABIP Education Committee

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