The President of the AABIP, who oversees committee functions during a two-year tenure, appoints committee chairs. Each year, the committee chair develops an action plan that is shared with the membership. Committee chairs are asked to report back to the AABIP membership during a general business meeting held after the yearly scientific meeting.

Committee Standard Operating Procedures:
  • All AABIP Committees and Subcommittees are expected to establish a regular monthly meeting cadence that is to be expanded as needed to meet the workload.
  • All meetings will be scheduled through the AABIP Meeting Platform unless an exception to policy is required.
  • All AABIP Committees and Subcommittees are responsible for preparing all necessary external communication for review and approval by the Public Relations Subcommittee of the Executive Committee.
  • Except for the Executive committee that is selected by election and the nominating committee that elects its Chair, All Chairs should plan for a 2-4 year transition plan. Chairs are responsible for creating and maintaining a succession plan that approved by the Executive Committee and includes identifying, mentoring and coaching the next chair.

CALENDAR YEAR: 2019-2022


Member composition:
  • President
  • President Elect
  • Secretary – Treasurer
  • Immediate Past President
CHAIR: George Eapen, MD– 10/19 – 08/22
  • Tim Murgu, MD – 10/19 – 08/22
  • Carla Lamb, MD – 10/19 – 08/22
  • Ali Musani, MD – 10/19 – 08/22


Member composition:
  • AABIP President Elect
  • Director of Operations
  • IT support staff
  • At least one additional BOD member
  • Up to 10 additional members

CHAIR: Abdul Alraiyes, MD

  • Septimiu Murgu, MD
  • Jasleen Pannu, MBBS
  • Christian Ghattas, MBBCh
  • Ala Eddin Sagar, MD
  • Van Kim Holden, MD
  • Saadia Faiz, MD
  • Ramsy Abdelghani, MD
  • Mauricio Valencia, FNP
  • Alichia Paton, NP


Member composition:
  • Past President leaving the Executive Committee
  • Two BOD members
  • One IP Fellowship Program Director
  • One General member

CHAIR: Sonali Sethi, MD

  • Momen Wahidi, MD 
  • Adnan Majid, MD
  • Scott Ferguson, MD
  • Vivek Murthy, MD


Member composition:

  • Two BOD
  • One general member

CHAIR: Kamran Mahmood, MD

  • Adnan Majid, MD
  • Amit Bobby Mahajan, MD
  • Alichia Paton, NP
  • Jaspal Singh, MD
  • Leslie Kumpf, RRT
  • Rebecca Priebe, NP
  • Samaan Rafeq, MD
  • Van Holden, MD
  • Sebastian Fernandez-Bussy, MD
  • Mohanad Saleh, MD
  • Priya Patel, MD


Member composition:

  • Three BOD
  • One general member
  • One IP fellow (to assume role of general member on completing fellowship)

CHAIR: David Hsia, MD

  • BOD member Abdul Al Raiyes, MD 
  • BOD Member Colleen Keyes, MD
  • BOD member Ashutosh Sachdeva, MBBS
  • IP Fellow member See Wei Low, MBBS
  • Ala Sagar, MD
  • Colleen Channick, MD
  • Julie Lin, MD
  • Rebecca Priebe, NP
  • Audra Schwalk, MD
  • Abhinav Agrawal, MD
  • Jose Cardenas, MD
  • Matt Aboudara, MD
  • George Cheng, MD


2016 Kazuhiro Yasufuku Alexander Chen
2017 Alexander Chen Alain Tremblay
2018 Eric Folch Samira Shojaee
2019 Samira Shojaee TBD
2020 John Mullon Tim Murgu


Current Committee members:

AABIP Appointment

AIPPD Appointment

John Mullon (Non-voting co-Chair)

Hans Lee (co-Chair)

Ali Musani

Adnan Majid

David Feller-Kopman

Andrew Haas

Erik Folch

Carla Lamb

George Eapen

Chakravarthy Reddy

Fabien Maldonado

David Berkowitz

Shaheen Islam

Francisco Almeida



Member composition:

  • Four BOD members
  • Two general members

CHAIR:  Fabien Maldonado, MD

  • Samira Shojaee, MD
  • Kamran Mahmood, MD
  • Matt Kinsey, MD
  • Lonny Yarmus, DO
  • Christine Argento, MD
  • Jason Akulian, MD
  • Bobby Mahajan, MD
  • Jeffrey Thiboutot, MD
  • Rabih Bechara, MD


Member Composition:

  • AABIP President Elect
  • Publisher representative
  • Senior Editor: 
    • David Ost, MD  
  • Associate Editors:
    • Samira Shojaee, MD
    • Kazuhiro Yasufuku, MD 
    • Horiana Grosu, MD
    • Momen Wahidi, MD
    • Najib Rahman, DPhil, MSc


CHAIR: Tom Gildea, MD
Vice-CHAIR: Abdul Alraiyes, MD

  • Amit Bobby Mahajan, MD
  • Colleen Keyes, MD
  • Adnan Majid, MD
  • Samira Shojaee, MD
  • Kazuhiro Yasufuku, MD
  • Shaheen Islam, MD
  • Roberto Casal, MD
  • Christine Argento, MD
  • Colin Gillespie, MD
  • Rabih Bechara, MD
  • Deepankar Sharma, MD
  • Edward Pickering, MD
  • Erin DeBiasi, MD
  • Fawad Chaudry, MD
  • Labib Debiane, MD
  • Satish Kalanjeri, MD
  • Sikandar Ansari, MD
  • Shawn Nishi, MD


Member composition:

  • Secretary Treasurer
  • President Elect
  • Director of Operations
  • Accountant (ad hoc)

CHAIR: Carla Lamb

  • Tim Murgu
  • Denise Holcomb